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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Once again, Tiverton voters face a stark choice between moving forward together as a community, or going back to a town divided, with those running town government working for their own interest instead of the common good.

Tiverton 1st is a non-partisan community group with a simple goal: to promote better town government, one that focuses on cooperation to better our community, without personal or political agendas. Tiverton 1st has recommended a slate of local candidates who we believe are most likely to fulfill this goal. Like the group itself, they come from a variety of backgrounds and political views. But we believe they share our commitment to work together to improve our community. Visit Tiverton 1st on Facebook or at  www.tiverton1st.blogspot.com to see the candidate list and get more information.

There is another slate of candidates, calling themselves “Clean Up Tiverton”. This group is made up largely of people formerly part of the TCC group. Residents will likely recall TCC’s disastrous two years running the Town Council, when they worked primarily on their own personal and political agendas. This resulted in efforts such as the town wasting thousands on a failed attempt to strip the schools of over a half-million dollars approved by voters. Voters resoundingly voted against most TCC candidates in 2012.

CUT candidates talk about transparency and concern for taxpayers. Some of these same people are part of a years-old lawsuit against the town that has cost us all over $25,000 so far in legal costs. They seek money from the town, and to establish that a Town Council minority should be able to overrule some budget and tax decisions of FTR voters. TCC also took advantage of a loophole in campaign-finance law and refused to disclose who their donors were during FTR campaigns, then fought against efforts to close that loophole. And TCC famously attempted to force devastating cuts on our schools, and eliminate all funding for community groups such as Visiting Nurses.

Now they attack town officials with baseless conspiracy theories, exploiting an unfortunate personnel issue that this Council inherited and dealt with promptly and professionally, according to the law. They also attempt to make a negative out of the town acquiring, at no cost to us, property at Grinnell’s Beach that will be made available for all to enjoy. Would they have refused this cost-free opportunity to better our town?

Tiverton is a great town, and our home. We have problems like any town, and what we need is elected officials who will put aside personal concerns to work together, not those who offer nothing but negativity and self-interest. Please get out and vote in support of pro-Tiverton candidates. The future of our community is up to you.

Brian Medeiros
Tiverton, RI


My name is Deborah Scanlon Janick and I am a lifetime Tiverton resident.  I love our town and I am running for Budget Committee.  My husband and I chose to raise our children here.  My parents and siblings still live in Tiverton.  I have a vested interest in ensuring that we maintain a healthy balance between fiscal responsibility and quality services for all of our citizens.  This is imperative, not just for today, but also for the future.  

As I indicated, I am a candidate for the Budget Committee.  The 2015 budget will present challenges, given that the Library bond funding will be a significant financial factor.  The Budget Committee will need to rise to the occasion: ask the difficult questions, make the difficult decisions, and think outside the box.  The Committee will need to think of the town as a whole, rather than just a select few.  They will need to develop a budget which provides the quality services we are accustomed to, yet keep our taxes reasonable.  

My background includes 25 years managing healthcare professionals, including developing and overseeing multimillion dollar budgets.  I feel that experience such as mine is essential to the Budget Committee process.  I have made the difficult decisions, been forced to “work smarter, not harder” to provide quality health care while working within tight budgets.  
At the end of the day, we are all Tiverton residents and we all deserve quality services for our money.  The late William French, our former Town Clerk, and my former neighbor, often said “Tiverton is God’s country.  I could not imagine living anywhere else.”  I could not agree more.  I humbly ask for your vote on November 4th.  

Deborah Scanlon Janick
Candidate for Tiverton Budget Committee

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Churchill reminded us that “the price of greatness is responsibility.”  The responsibility of able and sound minded people is of most importance for our society and government.  We must care for those in need and provide opportunity when few exist, give freely of our time and talents to better our community.  We must be a resource for those without, we must be teachers to those who seek knowledge and we must be leaders to those needing guidance.  We need more people of character in government, more people who are willing to roll up their sleeves; not fewer.  We don’t need philistines whose motives aren’t sincere and whose interest is fleeting, whose desire to serve falls second to their desire to rule.  I am a resident of town; have been for 30 years.  I am a voter, a property-owner and a taxpayer, and am a part of the community; and I demand better from myself and from those who profess to lead.

During my term I have been part of a team that has worked toward a goal of improving Tiverton, politics aside.  I continue to learn about the needs of the community and the priorities people put on its governance.  I am confident of my ability to serve Tiverton and to represent the varied tenure of residents.  What I have witnessed is that things are not getting easier. The topics we discuss and the decisions we make are getting more and more complex and nuanced and require serious thought, research, and consideration.  Diligence should be at the cornerstone of modern decision-makers methodology and proper planning has always been about the thing you can’t yet imagine.  The 500-year flood that you never see coming. It is not a no-brainer, not everyone can do it, and it is never, never, as easy as it seems.

Ignoring facts and information is not only reckless and shortsighted; it’s just plain stupid.  Leadership is not about making easy decisions and rubber stamping; it never has been.  Planning for the future doesn’t mean pretending problems don’t exist and hoping that they’ll go away before your term expires.  It takes only a few seconds to make a bad decision and it takes years to fix them.  My only agenda is a responsible path forward for Tiverton, from a guy who’s lived here his whole life.  If you think otherwise, I suggest you vote for someone else.

I’m here for you even if we disagree.  Pick up the phone, write an email or get me to buy you a cup of coffee and make sure I know what matters to you. We’re on the same team and if you don’t know me already, I’d like to change that.

Brett N. Pelletier

Friday, October 24, 2014


A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to Tiverton 1st's efforts to inform voters by mailing voter cards. We've reached our goal, and voter cards will be in the mail next week. 

It's amazing to see people from all types of backgrounds and viewpoints come together in support of their community. We need everyone to keep up maximum effort to reach out to voters for the next ten days, to insure a positive outcome on November 4. 

Thanks for working together to keep Tiverton 1st - Tiverton Proud!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Thanks again to all who've contributed to Tiverton 1st's efforts to reach Tiverton voters. The response has been tremendous, and generous. As we near our deadline to move forward with outreach efforts, we are within a few hundred dollars of what we need to print & mail our voter cards. If you support T1's efforts to build a stronger community, please consider sending a contribution, of any amount, to: 

Tiverton 1st, 374 Judson St, Tiverton RI 02878.

Every little bit can help make the difference on November 4.


A letter to the people of Tiverton

I want to thank the people of Tiverton for granting me the honor and privilege of serving you for these past six years.  Since first being elected I have tried to work hard for all the people of Tiverton, taking into account what benefits all the people, not just a few.  I firmly believe that any elected official must refrain from bringing his or her personal agenda to the table, but work for the greater good.  This does not mean that you don’t have favorite causes, but they should be weighed on how they affect the entire town.

As a Councilman, I realized that I was only a steward of our town, there to work for the benefit of the town and not for personal gain or glory.  Through these six years I have seen councils evolve from petty rivalries and bickering to a group who can disagree, but work with one goal in mind and that is the betterment of Tiverton.

As the next election looms ahead I would like to tell those who will receive the honor of serving this town to remember, you are elected to serve all the people of Tiverton, work to build Tiverton and not tear it down, and lastly remember these two words, respect and compromise.

I just want to add that I find it comical that there are candidates and others who are attacking me in letters in local newspapers. Why?  Are they so insecure that think I wield such power that they need to come after me even though I am not a candidate?  Or are they so self serving as to think that theirs is the only view that is correct.  Are these the same people that claim how much they care about our Town, but continue a six year law suit, or unfounded Charter complaints?  

I ask all the people of Tiverton to ask yourself, do you want to live in a Town that is moving forward or taking a step back to pettiness and small minded thinking?  Please think about this on Election Day.

Again thank you to the people of Tiverton, it was my privilege to serve you, though I will not in office, I am not going away, this is our town and I will continue to care and work for it.  I only hope in some small way I have made Tiverton a better place.

Thank you,
Edward A. Roderick